David Bycroft – Founder and Executive Director

David is acknowledged in this industry as a leading innovator and business developer. He has assisted global companies like Allianz grow their international student business and in Australia led the strategy and marketing for Allianz to claim the number one position in their international student business.

As the key initiator of the highly successful AHN project, David has led the development of the business during a critical time for the international student accommodation industry and is currently an Executive Director of the MSI Group.

David commenced his work in the international education industry in 1999 and has been a key contributor to government and industry reviews having conducted focus groups and workshops for industry, homestay hosts and students to establish the issues facing this complex part of the industry.

His contributions to the Australian Senate Inquiry into the Welfare of International Students findings (November 2009) and the ESOS review (February 2010) have greatly assisted bringing better controls and standards to this critical part of the international education industry. David worked with the Department of Immigration in 2012 to create the widely promoted ‘Community Placement Network’ (CPN) to improve the conditions and outcomes for onshore processing of asylum seekers, and successfully placed 600 asylum seekers with Australian families.

David was appointed as the only QLD resident of the NSW Government Taskforce on International Education and Research received an ‘Outstanding Contribution Award’ from the Council of International Students of Australia (CISA) for his remarkable support of CISA.

Adam Lee – Director

Adam is currently CEO/Co-Founder of StudentRoomStay International. StudentRoomStay is a platform that helps students book accommodations and navigates them throughout the duration of their stay. Prior to launching StudentRoomStay Adam started AmeriStudent, LLC. AmeriStudent is MSI’s largest shareholder. AmeriStudent’s goal is to provide a safe and enriching cultural experience for all those studying abroad.

Adam has nearly 20 years of business experience and has co-founded/owned several successful startups over the last decade. Adam resides in Arroyo Grande, California with his wife Jen, daughter Sienna (12) and son Samuel (7).

Dawei (David) Wang – Director

Dawei is a senior executive of the Chinese-based Tower Bridge International group (TBI). TBI promotes cross cultural education and exchange through collaboration and partnerships with public school districts in the United States. In each of their regions they establish local branches and hire qualified staff to support international students, host families, and schools. The TBI Exchange Platform was created to support global education at every level. Whether it is a school looking to try out a short-term program or a student hoping to graduate from an American high school and enrol in an American college, the TBI exchange platform is able to support many groups’ global education needs.

TBI is a major shareholder and investor in AmeriStudent who is MSI’s largest shareholder. Dawei brings to MSI the opportunity for our Group to take advantage of maximising our sales in the China marketplace which is traditionally the largest source country for international students in the world.