Our History

AHN was founded in 2007 as an Australian standards-based homestay provider for international students and developed the original and ‘appropriate’ national standards for homestay. The approach was based on accountability, system integrity, transparency, personalised services, safety, insurance, and a 247 professional support line. In September 2008, AHN placed its first international student into homestay.

Over time, AHN has become Australia’s largest and most recognised homestay organisation for international students, receiving acknowledgement and commendation for our standards from both Industry and Government.

Following the success of AHN in Australia, the American Homestay Network (AHN USA) was launched in 2012, with our first office in Seattle Washington.

In 2015, MyStay International Pty Ltd was formally established essentially to incorporate the consolidation of existing businesses – the Australian Homestay Network, AHN Queensland (a licensee of AHN) and the American Homestay Network (AHN USA). An important part of this consolidation was taking ownership of our operating system and trademarks, which had previously been owned by an external company. This has been achieved and was critical to our strategy.

MyStay International is now recognised as a key global initiator of quality services for international students being a Finalist in the Pie News ‘Pieoneer Awards’ in 2017, 2018 and 2020.