Board of Directors

Brendt Munro | Chairman

Brendt has been in Practice as an Accountant for over 30 years with experience in his own firm and as a partner with PricewaterhouseCoopers. He currently provides Corporate advisory services through Altor Capital and Lead Advisory, with his specific areas of expertise centring around strategic planning, corporate governance, restructuring, corporate financing including equity and debt, strategic financial management, business and financial modelling and corporate project management.

Brendt has a wealth of experience, consulting to a broad variety of enterprises and has become an integrated consulting source, to strengthen the financial control and management of our businesses.

David Bycroft | Founder & Director of Growth

As the key initiator of the highly successful AHN project, David has led the development of the business during a critical time for the international student accommodation industry and is currently the Executive Director of the MSI Group.

David commenced his work in the International Education Industry in 1999 and has been a key contributor to government and industry reviews having conducted focus groups and workshops for industry, homestay hosts and students to establish the issues facing this complex part of the industry. His contributions to the Senate Inquiry findings (November 2009) and the ESOS review (February 2010) have greatly assisted bringing better controls and standards to this critical part of the international education industry. David worked with the Department of Immigration in 2012 to create the widely promoted ‘Community Placement Network’ (CPN) to improve the conditions and outcomes for onshore processing of Asylum seekers, and successfully placed 600 Asylum seekers with Australian families.

David was appointed as the only QLD resident of the NSW Government Taskforce on International Education and Research received an ‘Outstanding Contribution Award’ from the Council of International Students of Australia (CISA) for his remarkable support of CISA.

Ivor Powis | Non-executive Director

Ivor has over 35 years’ experience in finance and the financial markets, having worked in investment banking, with the bulk of that time concentrating on stockbroking. He worked for both an Australian based firm and three US investment banks which has given him extensive experience in a wide variety of investments and capital raisings.

More recently Ivor has advised on and executed several capital raisings, both debt and equity. He has advised a substantial federally owned enterprise on business, financial and capital structure. In addition, Ivor has raised equity capital for early stage funding and pre- IPO funding. All of these businesses continue to develop and have provided investors with positive returns.

Paul Lange | Non-executive Director

Paul is an accomplished CEO, managing director and business owner with over 20 years’ experience in organisational development consulting in the education industry, specialising in the creation of e-learning content and platforms. Paul’s expertise has seen him design and deliver innovative, world-class online training and organisational improvement projects.

Paul is one of the founding directors of the Australian Homestay Network and his key successes include founding several entrepreneurial ventures such as Accredited Online Training, Raw Pixel and Global Industry Training – all in the online learning/training space. More recently, Paul has diversified into the mining and construction industries, with specialise training services as well as assisting these organisations in purchasing offshore assets. He also founded Chelsea International which specialises in providing sustainable business and education services to overseas governments.

Daphne Turner | Non-executive Director

History would suggest that Daphne was the founder of the very first homestay business in Australia some 25 years ago, and is Australia’s most experienced homestay professional.

Daphne had her first experiences with homestay while studying abroad in the 1970s. After studying language in France and Spain, she later went on to complete her hotel business studies in Switzerland where she stayed with a number of host families.

Daphne worked as the original homestay manager for TAFE NSW setting up their student accommodation program, (TUDA International Homestay and Accommodation), then in 2009 joined the Australian Homestay Network.

Sankar Subramanian | Board attendee

Sankar has extensive experience in the private health sector, having been a senior executive in private hospitals and health insurance. He is also an entrepreneur and has been involved in various start-up healthcare businesses, including new hospitals, medical devices & consumables, healthcare services and other health related ventures.

Sankar has qualifications in Engineering, Business Administration and Health Administration and also has a PhD (ABD) in Marketing. His areas of interest are in the services industries, with a special focus on strategy, development and business growth.

Sankar is currently a Director of a consulting firm which deals with medical consumables as well as serving on the Board of a charitable organisation, IIMPACT Australia.