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Who We Are

MyStay International (MSI) was established in 2015 to consolidate and amalgamate two leading homestay businesses – the Australian Homestay Network (AHN) which was established in 2007, and the American Homestay Network (AHN USA) which was established in 2012.

MSI is an Australian based company and has plans to help the original Homestay technology be upgraded to take the MSI Group into the next phase of growth through a proven and global franchising/licensing model.

AHN is the foundation Company of the MSI Group and is Australia’s largest and leading standards based homestay provider. AHN operates in most Australian states and territories via a partnering Franchise model. Our Franchise Managers have dedicated teams of Customer Care Managers, Host Managers, State Managers and support personnel all making sure that international students have the best cultural and welcoming experience when choosing AHN as their homestay accommodation provider.

The AHN business has seen a dramatic 10 years of success and growth already, in what had been considered previously an unregulated boutique industry. Over 50,000 international student placements have been made since 2008 with over 9,000 projected in the next 12 months.

MSI has a realisable vision to be the global leader in properly managed hosted accommodation for international students. Our core purpose is to facilitate lifetime relationships and in order to achieve and maintain this goal, we have through our Australian Homestay Network operations become the only homestay operator with formal Government commended homestay standards.

Through consolidation, system development and building on our reputation globally within the international education industry, MSI is able to replicate and expand on the success in Australia to further build the program in the USA and develop new countries (MSI has made significant progress in Ireland, France, England and China territories. There are also advanced discussions underway for Canada, Malta and the Netherlands). This puts MSI on track to dominate this market on a global scale.